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Sunday 29th May

9.15am Holy Communion - Church

1.15pm Carpet Bowls - Hall

Monday 30th May

3.30pm Bible study - Ursula’s

Tuesday 31st May

11.00am Meditation - Marie’s

Wednesday 1st June

10.00am Holy Communion - Church

10.00am Mainly Music - Hall

Thursday 2nd June

10.30am Holy Communion - BUPA

2.00pm Holy Communion - CWV

6.00pm Ladies Dinner - Bairnsdale Club

Sunday 5th June

9.15am Holy Communion - Church

1.15pm Carpet Bowls - Hall

Monday 6th June

3.30pm Bible study - Ursula’s

Tuesday 7th June

11.00am Meditation - Marie’s

Wednesday 8th June

10.00am Holy Communion -  Church

10.00am Mainly Music - Hall

12.00pm Wardens Meeting - Emmanuel Centre

Thursday 9th June

10.30am Holy Communion - Maddocks Gardens

12.30pm Johnno’s Meeting - Emmanuel Centre

Mission offerings for April and May will be CMS. Supporting our link Missionaries David and Prue Boyd in The Congo.

CMS work with churches to set apart, equip and support long-term workers who cross cultures to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The world is growing and changing rapidly, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The objects of CMS are to facilitate the work of the Church Missionary Society, through its branches, for the coming of God’s Kingdom through the proclamation of the gospel of Christ throughout the world, in fellowship with local churches, and in particular:

  1. to send members of branches as missionaries overseas and to North Australia;
  2. to deepen Christian commitment to evangelism and its attendant social responsibilities;
  3. to support missionaries of CMS and their work by prayer, giving and pastoral care;
  4. to engage in cross-cultural evangelism;



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Minister -

Rev. Paul Woodcock

Tel: 5152 3133

Office -

Open 9am -12 Monday to Friday

2 Francis Street, Bairnsdale

PO Box 667 Bairnsdale 3875

5152 3133

  Wardens -

Peggie Arthur June Holloway

Peter White

0428 525 820

0499 548 339 0400 655 318

Johnno’s -
Shed -

Tue-Fri.9.30-3.30 Tel:0458 247 576

Wed-Thur.9-12     Tel:0427 524 547